Mobile Pool Services

Mobile Pool Services

No Fuss Mobile Services in
Central Coast, NSW

Why spend time going to the pool shop every month? Let us come to you!

A pool that’s maintained regularly prevents high-cost recovery and repairs in the future, and provides peace of mind that your pool is healthy and clean for the whole family to swim in.

We understand it’s challenging to maintain a pool around a busy lifestyle, so our trusted fully qualified mobile pool servicing Central Coast pool technicians are happy to tailor an affordable & convenient service to suit your individual needs.

Choose between weekly, fortnightly or monthly servicing. Our mobile pool care services are flexible to fit your individual needs. The choice is yours.

  • Affordability
  • Consistent Quality
  • Honest Servicing
Pool Cleaning and Pool Maintenance Services in Central Coast NSW

What We Offer

Regular Pool Servicing Bronze

We will pick up a sample from your door, then drop your required chemicals back out.

Regular Pool Servicing Silver

We will test your pool water and add chemicals ready for you to swim!

Regular Pool Servicing Gold

We will have your pool perfectly clean for when you return home from work!

Pool Recovery

We would love to complete the transformation of your pool!

Holiday Pool

No need to worry about a dirty pool when you return.

Introduction to Your New Pool

We will show you everything you need to know to maintain your pool.

Robotic Pool

With so many brands on the market we will find the perfect cleaner.

Pool Heating

Extend your swimming season from 3 months to 12 months of the year.

Pool Equipment

From simple plumbing fixes, to all new equipment installation.

Mobile Cleaning Packages

Let us know which one best fits your needs.



  • Professional advice, including water sample collection and pool chemical drop off for a super low $15!
  • Spend more time enjoying your pool than looking after it.
  • Not just the weekend casual assessing your pool chemistry



  • Comprehensive poolside water testing and chemical balancing.
  • For those that are happy to clean their own pool.
  • We are there if you need more.



  • Comprehensive water testing and chemical balancing.
  • Checking of equipment for proper operation/leaks.
  • Skim debris from pool surface.
  • Brush Walls and waterline.
  • Vacuum pool (Additional charge).
  • Empty skimmer baskets.
  • Empty pump basket.
  • Backwash sand filter as required.
  • Return pool blanket as requested.

Frequently Asked Question

All of our services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • What type of servicing do you do?

    We have a broad range of services, from picking up your water sample to vacuuming your pool, also installing your new equipment.

  • My pool is brown, can you restore it?

    We can certainly have your pool back crystal clear. This takes a few visits and your equipment may need replacing.

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