Introduction to Your New Pool

Introduction to Your New Pool

Just become the owner of a new or existing swimming pool and need help? We’ve got you covered!

A new swimming pool is an exciting addition to your home as it adds a whole new dimension to a backyard and a space for you to spend countless hours having fun with your friends and family. Whether you have are considering a concrete pool or a fibreglass pool, owning one does not need to be difficult or even expensive – you just need the right guidance and advice!

Our experienced Pool Service Technicians will provide you step by step guidance and advice to get you started on the right track to confidently understand your pool chemistry and equipment needs. We will help you keep your pool water balanced by teaching you to how to use test strips and test kits, understand chlorine levels, pH levels, calcium hardness levels, along with much more. We will also show you how to keep your pool clean by getting the most out of your pool pump and keeping pool filters free of leaves and debris.

Your Poseidon Pool Services technician will explain to you:

  • How the water moves through your pool’s system
  • The importance of filtration and chlorination
  • When and how to empty baskets
  • When and how to clean your filters
  • When and how to adjust your pool timers and settings
  • How to clean your pool correctly
Got A New Pool - Poseidon Pool Services in Central Coast is here to help NSW
Got A New Pool - Poseidon Pool Services in Central Coast is here to help NSW

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