Regular Pool Servicing

Regular Pool Servicing

Do you no longer have time to maintain your pool? Leave it to us!

Our love for clean and balanced pools come will come shining through on your pool! Poseidon Pool Services’ mission is to provide the best Central Coast pool servicing. this starts with us servicing pools regularly.

You’ll find our regular pool servicing across all of the Central Coast suburbs from: Berowra Heights, Spencer, Mandalong, Caves Beach, Bateau Bay, Terrigal, and anywhere in between.

Green Pool Recovery Service by Poseidon Pool Services in Central Coast Australia. Actual Photo from Poseidon Pool Services - Central Coast NSW

What does our regular pool maintenance include?

Our services range from picking up a sample from your door to complete a full clean on your pool.

We have a simple service called Ezy balance, this saves you the time having to go into your local pool shop, we will pick up your water sample from your door, then drop your chemicals required back out to you. How convenient!

We can also have many options for services so you don't pay for what isn't required!

We guarantee we will only charge you for what is requested or required, no un necessary charges!

  • Only need your water tested – Then only pay for th
Mobile Cleaning Packages

Let us know which one best fits your needs.



  • Professional advice, including water sample collection and pool chemical drop off for a super low $15!
  • Spend more time enjoying your pool than looking after it.
  • Not just the weekend casual assessing your pool chemistry



  • Comprehensive poolside water testing and chemical balancing.
  • For those that are happy to clean their own pool.
  • We are there if you need more.



  • Comprehensive water testing and chemical balancing.
  • Checking of equipment for proper operation/leaks.
  • Skim debris from pool surface.
  • Brush Walls and waterline.
  • Vacuum pool (Additional charge).
  • Empty skimmer baskets.
  • Empty pump basket.
  • Backwash sand filter as required.
  • Return pool blanket as requested.

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