Madimack GT560™ Pool Robot

Madimack GT560™ = Smart and Efficient Robotic Pool Cleaner

The GT560 Robotic Pool Cleaner is enhanced with a suite of features to ensure the superior and efficient cleaning of your pool. Equipped with; intelligent path cleaning, automatic and manual controls, an enormous 6.2L basket, Madimack’s Aqua-Grip technology and the highest volume of water turnover for overall filtration capacity, the GT560 is your pool partner for a superior clean of fine and large debris.



Key Product Features & Benefits:

  • Climber Action – Easy, powerful vertical cleaning on pool walls.
  • Anti-Tangling Technology – Allows uninterrupted swivel proof cleaning
  • Smart Features – One touch remote cleaning

Additional information

Features & Benefits

Efficient inverter motor
Effort free intelligent control
Cleaning pool walls smart and easily
Dual active brushes for superior scrubbing performance
Suitable for all pool shapes & surfaces
Wireless Enabled & Full-Featured APP Functionality
GT560 Intelligent Path Planning
560L/min Filtration Capacity & Double Layered Filters
Technology to thoroughly Cleans Walls, Edges, Floors
Superior Climbing Action
Brushless Motor Durability


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